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Download Fistful of IOUs

MP3 Format (320k) - Filesize : 73MB
AAC Format (320k) - Filesize : 87MB
FLAC Format (16bit) - Filesize : 249MB

Licenced under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

About NFC

Neon Flea Circus - A name that seems to upset the press in inverse proportions to the delight the music brings - “...the most appallingly-named band in Irish music history....“ “...It’s lucky for them that they sound pretty bloody good, then...” - Kirstie McCrum, AU Magazine.
“...forgive them their Silly Name...” “....First Class in every respect....” Jackie Hayden, Hotpress Magazine.
Like their reviews, contradictions seem to thread their way into most facets of the NFC (read more)


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